Thursday, 10 March 2011

Selective Mutism.

Two words.
Two words can mean a lot of things, or nothing at all.
But these two, for me, are my life. These two words are what effect nearly everything I do, every single day.
I'm not going to start going on about how hard it is for me, a lot of people have it hard, a lot of people have difficulty, I know.
I am going to try and explain, so far as I can, or even just give even the slightest insight as to how these two words, this condition, has effected my life.
It's not an easy thing to explain, or understand, at all. Infect, it is only others who also have this condition will even begin to understand. 
But I am going to try to tell you what a large impact this has on my life, how it affects every little thing I do, and try to hopefully raise some sort of awareness of this horrible condition. 

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